The entire staff gathered to watch its arrival. It was a big event at the aquarium and the media was there in force. Dr. Mizuko Sato stood apart from the crowd, standing on the roof of one of the large exhibit buildings so she could get a clear view of what was going on below. She carried a hand-held radio close to her ear as she anxiously awaited the arrival of their newest exhibit.

Never in her wildest dreams had Mizuko imagined her little insignificant aquarium winning the bid for such an exotic and prized find. It was nearly inconceivable to her that the directors of the aquarium trusted her with the health and welfare of it. The ink on Mizuko’s doctorate degree was still wet; to be put in such a position was a great honor and held great responsibility. She hoped she wouldn’t disappoint anyone.

The radio crackled in her hand and the clatter of helicopter blades signaled its arrival. She shaded her eyes as she looked up into the bright sky. The large aircraft was silhouetted against the sun, its cargo suspended from its undercarriage. Its awkwardness and strange grace reminded Mizuko of two insects mating in flight.

Despite herself Mizuko felt her heart speed up. Her livelihood dangled by thin wires several hundred feet up in the air. One small mistake and her academic career would be dead in the water.

The radio crackled again and this time Mizuko answered the call. She carefully guided the pilot in until the helicopter hovered over the tank prepared especially for their new acquisition. Once in place the pilot slowly edged the helicopter down. Mizuko held her breath as she watched the cargo gently sway as it descended into the water of the enormous sea water tank.

The helicopter’s blades created a down draft that whipped up debris, gravel and leaves which pelted the bystanders. The people closest to the tank were forced to back away, creating a chain reaction of retreat within the crowd. Mizuko watched without expression as people scurried away into the shelter afforded by the indoor exhibits. It felt only right to Mizuko that its arrival should be heralded by the dramatic entrance of Fūjin, the god of wind. The only thing that would make it perfect was if the sea god, Suijin, made an appearance as well.

The cables attaching the cargo container to the helicopter were released as soon as the large crate was submerged in the pool of water. Mizuko signaled the pilot and waved the helicopter off. Once the aircraft was far enough away for the draft to diminish Mizuko rushed down to the tank to oversee the removal of the cargo.

Workmen already attached the cables from the large shipping container floating in the center of the giant tank to the crane they had standing by. The box alone was ten meters long and five meters across and it looked miniscule as it floated within the circular tank that measured fifty meters across. It was the largest single exhibit in the aquarium and had been built at great expense for the comfort of the creature contained within the crate. Once the animal was out of the container the crane would remove the freight box from the tank. Mizuko considered the crane less stressful for the creature than the helicopter and surprisingly the directors agreed with her. They looked to her as the expert on the beast even though she’d only studied preserved specimens and blurry film footage of them.

Mizuko arrived at the tank just as one end of the container was released by remote control. She held her breath as what could arguably be called the most elusive sea creature in the world cautiously stretched out a long tentacle.

There was an excited buzz among the media, already back in place beside the tank, as they snapped photographs and filmed the single red-hued appendage. The tentacle reached around the edge of the cargo carrier, its dactylus, or finger, waving about as if searching for something.

Mizuko nodded to her coworker, Hitoshi, who was standing by with a bucket of fresh fish and squid. She wasn’t sure if the cephalopod would eat after the stress of being captured and moved but it couldn’t hurt to try.

Hitoshi hopped up on the broad edge of the tank and tossed a large fish into the water. It landed with a splash only a meter or so from the front of the opening. The single tentacle stopped its exploration of the edge of the box and made a grab for the fish. It reeled it into the container while the media shot what little they could see of the first feeding of the beast in captivity.

Hours passed and the Architeuthis japonica was content to stay within the cargo container, only sticking out an exploratory tentacle now and again. The media abandoned the aquarium after a half hour of inactivity from the giant squid. The other employees of the aquarium went back to their jobs. Even the workmen gave up on the creature moving from the container and returned their other duties. Only Mizuko remained.

The giant squid was her responsibility. Her honor depended on the creature becoming a big attraction at the aquarium. The directors were not going to be happy the media was unable to get the money shots they were hoping for when the creature arrived. It would be seen as a failure on her part. She had to repair her reputation somehow and the beast in the box was the only means available to her.

By late afternoon the aquarium had quieted down. The heat of the sun drove the few visitors indoors. Mizuko tired of standing and staring at the submerged cargo container so she sat on the side of the tank, her bare feet dangling over the edge, not quite touching the water. She contemplated the course her career was taking and praying to every god she knew to make the giant squid attraction successful.

She stared sightlessly at the water, not noticing at first the little ripples that surged outward from the metal crate. It didn’t catch her attention until the water splashed her toes. She blinked and pulled her feet up as she turned her attention to the container.

The giant squid slowly exited the box, tentacles first. Mizuko’s breath caught in her throat as she caught sight of the creature for the first time. Its eight arms and two longer tentacles were a ruddy orange color. Based on the length of the arms and without seeing its body and mantle, Mizuko estimated the size of the creature to be about eight meters long. It undulated under the clear water, moving slowly, sinuously, as if dancing. It was truly a magnificent creature and it made her feel insignificant.

It peeked out at her from the confines of the cargo container with its dinner plate sized eyes. She was careful not to move so as not to spook the beast. She met its eyes and felt a strange connection with the animal. There was an intelligence behind those saucer shaped orbs she hadn’t expected to find. She felt as if it had waited until everyone else was gone on purpose, that being a spectacle was not part of its plan. Nothing in her research gave her any indication the creatures were any more sentient than a household pet yet this one seemed to be at least as canny as a dolphin.

The giant squid slipped out of the cargo container, pausing as its complete form was exposed to the afternoon sun. Mizuko was in awe. The beast was as large as she estimated, maybe even half a meter longer. Despite its natural ability to camouflage itself, it retained its orange-red coloring. As it jetted toward the side of the tank where Mizuko sat, her knees drawn up to her chest, she saw that the squid’s underside was lighter, more of a yellowy cream color. Mizuko knew it was another way for the creature to camouflage itself. Any predator seeing the squid from below would have a hard time distinguishing it from the dappled sunlight filtered through the ocean water.

Mizuko was so mesmerized by the giant squid she didn’t pay attention to what the creature was actually doing. It wasn’t until one of its long food tentacles wrapped around her leg that she realized she could be in danger.

Its dactylus and manus, the finger and hand of the tentacle, were securely wound around her ankle. She steeled herself to be jerked into the water but the creature was surprisingly gentle. Even the teeth-like chitin surrounding each suction cup weren’t digging into her skin.

She was tense and afraid to move as she watched the giant squid jet up to to the side of the tank, stopping just short of the side. It floated there, pulsating slightly as it funneled water through its mantle, keeping itself in place like a swimmer treading water. Up close she was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the beast. Its mantle alone was longer than she was tall. She felt miniscule and realized how easily she could become food for the creature.

It looked up at her with eyes as large as her head. They were at least thirty centimeters in diameter. At first she thought they were white with wide black pupils but as she continued to stare into them she noted they had the glistening iridescence of the finest pearls.

The spark of intelligence she had noted from a distance was still there so, even though she knew it was pointless, she started talking to it.

“Hiya, boy. You’re a big one, aren’t you?” The squid didn’t react to her soft voice so Mizuko continued talking as she put her fingers on the damp and slightly slimy flesh holding onto her ankle. “I am sorry we brought you here. You’re the first of your kind we have successfully caught and I so want to know more about your species, and you.” Mizuko didn’t know what prompted her to add the last bit to the sentence.

“I have spent years studying giant squid but you’re the first one I’ve seen alive.” As she talked, Mizuko stroked the flesh covering the incredible muscles of the tentacle. The creature was cool to the touch and its skin was slick as if covered in a thin layer of slime. Its skin felt surprisingly delicate, as if it was only a thin casing covering the steel muscles and tendons beneath.

The squid responded, whether to her voice or to her touch, Mizuko didn’t know. The tentacle flexed under her fingers, pulsating slightly, as it pulled away from her.

It disentangled its appendage from her leg but the questing dactylus wasn’t through with her. It quested around in the air for a moment like a blind snake before touching her face with the back of the tentacle. It stroking her cheek with its soft flesh. From there it ran the finger through her thick hair, strands of it sticking to the fine teeth surrounding the suckers. Mizuko was determined not to move as the beast continued its gentle exploration of her body. It ran its tentacle down her arm and leg, exploring the material of her clothing with a mindful curiosity. It used its amazing muscle control to pick up the material of her skirt with its suckers. It slipped under the material for a moment, wrapping its tentacle around her knee. Mizuko moaned and the squid immediately retreated. She reached out and grabbed the tentacle. It twined gently around her wrist. She brought the appendage to her chest and carefully unwound it. She set it on her breast and waited for the beast to respond.

The squid paused for a moment before continuing its exploration. It brushed across her breasts, stopping as it felt her nipples peak in arousal at its touch. It fixated several of its suckers on them, contracting on top of her nipples making her react despite of herself. She shuddered and gasped as the chitin poked through her blouse and into her skin. The sharp bite of pain made things in her nether regions contract. The creature seemed intrigued by her reaction so it squeezed the tender buds even harder with its suction cups.

Mizuko’s head fell back and she felt warm liquid pool between her legs. It had been too long since she’d felt the touch of a lover. Her life had been taken up with data, dissection and her thesis work for so long that her family and friends accused her of eating and sleeping Architeuthis japonica.

The tentacle moved across her abdomen and down toward her wet crotch. Mizuko spread her legs and bunched up her skirt in anticipation of that tendril of flesh exploring every intimate crack and crevasse of her. The finger of the tentacle hovered above her inflamed flesh and she thrust her hips up to meet the appendage.

“Dr. Sato?” a voice behind her made the giant squid withdraw its tentacle from the young doctor’s body and slip back into the water. Mizuko felt her face flush as she closed her legs and straightened up her skirt before turning to greet her coworker.

“Hitoshi,” she said, trying to keep her voice as even and normal as possible. “The Architeuthis japonica has emerged from the cargo carrier. Can we have the workmen remove the container from the pool?”

Hitoshi cocked his head as if questioning Mizuko’s words but he stepped up to the tank and saw the giant squid for himself. It had moved away from the edge of the pool when the man interrupted it but it still floated well away from the cargo container.

Hitoshi was struck speechless when he saw the creature. The giant squid drifted in the water, lightly propelling itself around in a circle as it kept an eye on the two humans at the edge of the tank. Its arms and tentacles gracefully moved through the water as if separate from the body and mantle of the creature. It was like an alien dancer had taken up residence in the tank, and Mizuko supposed it was an alien, an alien creature from the depths of the ocean.

Mizuko hopped down from the edge of the tank and watched the creature. “Amazing, isn’t it?” She used Hitoshi’s preoccupation with the squid to catch her breath and center herself. She couldn’t believe what just happened, what almost happened. What was she thinking? This was her job. She took it very seriously.

Hitoshi nodded in response to Mizuko’s question. He was mesmerized by the squid. Mizuko left him standing there in awe while she went off in search of the workmen to get the cargo container removed.

She stopped off at the facilities to fix her makeup and straighten her clothing. She looked in the mirror and grimaced. Her color was high in her cheeks and her eyeliner had run and there were streaks of it at the corners of her eyes. A trail of glossy slime rode on her cheek like silver glitter and there were dark smudges on her white blouse.

She washed her face and reapplied her eyeliner and powder. She touched up her lipstick and tidied her clothes. There was nothing she could do about her blouse so she ignored it and hoped people would mark it up to how hard she worked today in getting everything ready for their new visitor.

She found the workmen and supervised the removal of the container. She stood at one side of the tank, as far from the crane as possible, enticing the giant squid to the side with a small feeder squid on a line. Hitoshi held the pole the line was attached to, twitching and moving it so the dead squid looked as if it were alive.

The hunting instincts of the giant squid took over its natural reticence. It dove after the dead squid, propelling itself through the water at an incredible rate of speed.

Mizuko was stunned at how fast the large creature could move. She wished she was down in the observation room below, looking at the underwater scene. The large tank had a wall of glass that measured a good fifteen meters high by twenty meters long from which people within the main building of the aquarium could view the giant squid in its watery environs.

Building the tank had been a huge undertaking and cost the aquarium billions of yen. If the exhibit was a failure then Mizuko would be released from her duties. She would be lucky to find another job in her field. She’d likely be regulated to the fishing vessels which went after the Architeuthis japonica for other aquariums and scientific studies. She’d certainly never be given a chance like this one again in her life.

All these things raced through her head for the rest of the day, even when the chairman of the board congratulated her on luring the squid out of the cargo carrier. She bowed solemnly to the man and thanked him absentmindedly. She did not catch the look of surprise on Hitoshi’s face or the odd expression on the chairman’s. She simply returned to her duties, her mind on other things.

Mizuko went home that evening, her thoughts still clouded with memories of the giant squid and its tentacle. She couldn’t help but think if it could bring her so close to the edge of orgasm with a single tentacle, what could it do to her with both tentacles or its eight arms? It was, in fact, pretty much all she could think about.

Her parents tried to make conversation with her during dinner but she was so preoccupied that she finally went to her room to escape the concerned looks they exchanged with each other.

She tried to get the memories of that brief interlude out of her mind so she did what normally kept her mind occupied: she buried herself in her research.

She was too distracted and found herself looking up hentai on the internet, specifically the genre called shokushu goukan. The images she found made it that much harder for her to get the surreal encounter out of her mind. She hadn’t realized there were so many avenues of pleasure available to her and a cephalopod lover.

She finally gave up her pretense at study and got ready for bed. She examined her nude body in the mirror as she ran a hot bath. Blue and brown bruises from the tentacle’s grip encircled her ankle. Her nipples were ringed with red blood marks from the teeth-like chitin surrounding the giant squid’s suckers. She ran light fingers over her breasts and watched in fascination as her nipples immediately reacted, puckering up into hard little buds. Her body was still overly sensitized from her experience that afternoon.

She slipped into the hot water, wincing at the liquid engulfed first her bruises and then the wounds on her chest. She expected the bath to relax her but being in the water only served to increase her forbidden desires, the sound of the water lapping at the edges of the tub reminded her of the giant squid propelling itself through the water at the aquarium.

Mizuko cupped her small breasts with her hands, taking pleasure in touching herself as she remembered the feeling of tentacled limbs in their place. She leaned back against the tub and closed her eyes, imagining the fleshy tendrils pulling at her nipples instead of her own fingers. Unbidden, her right hand trailed down the slight swell of her abdomen to her mound. She slipped two fingers between her nether lips. She was so slick her fingers slid into her hot crevasse without effort. Mizuko was well acquainted with the inner workings of her body and she found the nubby flesh inside her womanly channel with the ease of long practice. Her thumb flicked the pearl of her clit while her clever fingers raced back and forth over her g-spot. She pressed and pushed herself harder than she’d ever done before as she pinched her already tender nipples but she couldn’t quite get herself off. She sighed and reevaluated her needs. The giant squid had given her a taste of something she’d never experienced before and it was that which she now craved. Tonight she was in need of pain as well as pleasure and she had an idea on how to get herself to that desired state.

In order to give herself what she required she slung one leg over the side of the tub and bent her other one at the knee, spreading herself as wide as physically possible within the confines of the narrow bath tub. She shoved a third finger into her moist canal and then her whole hand, pushing her digits deep within her. The brief burning sensation as her fist burst through her tight vagina, stretching it wide, made her entire body shudder. Her hips rose up to meet her hand as she pulled out her palm and then shoved it back into herself, burying her hand up to her wrist within her scorching flesh. The sensation was unlike anything she’d ever experienced and the lines between pleasure and pain became even more blurred as her other hand slid down her body to join its mate. She used her free hand to tug and push the one within her tight cleft.

She swallowed her moans by biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t draw unwanted attention from her parents as she continued to fuck herself. With every thrust her hand went deeper within her causing bright points of pain to appear as sparks of color behind her closed eyelids.

Her orgasm rolled over her like a tsunami, starting as a small undulation and building up to a scream evoking wave of pleasure that made her shove her free hand into her mouth. The climax continued, her hips bucking against her hand even as she tried to detach herself when it became too much for her. She pulled her trapped hand free with difficulty, her body greedy for the sensations it stirred in her loins.

Mizuko leaned back against the tub, panting, as tiny tremors kept surging through her body. She heard an unfamiliar noise similar to a puppy whimpering and realized after a moment that it was coming from her own mouth. She was as weak as a newborn and mewing like one as well.

As she slowly recovered, she realized she felt empty without her hand filling the void between her thighs. She wished for something else, something other than herself, to bring her to such a spectacular end.

Mizuko crawled into bed thinking of thick appendages and sharp suckers.

At two in the morning, she awoke with the flush of orgasm riding her. She tried to cool herself off but with her parents sleeping in the next room, and only thin rice paper screens between them, she was left with little options.

After tossing and turning for more than an hour and not finding any relief from the heat in her loins, Mizuko got up and got dressed. She slipped out of the house and made her way to the aquarium. That early in the morning only the night watchman was on the grounds. She checked in with the man, startling him from a dead sleep at his desk. He snorted when she woke him up. He wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and looked up at her sheepishly.

“Dr. Sato,” he exclaimed, his eyes wide with fear, “what are you doing here so early?”

Mizuko smiled slightly, “I couldn’t sleep so I’m checking on our new ward.”

“Yes, you have a great responsibility.” said the man, his body deflating as he realized she was not going to say anything about his sleeping on duty. “I looked in on the beast earlier. It is gigantic.”

Mizuko chuckled, “It is not called a giant squid for nothing.” She nodded to the guard, “Carry on, I won’t be here long.”

The man nodded and settled his head back on his arms as she closed the door to the security office. That was one less thing for Mizuko to worry about. The man obviously didn’t walk the grounds on a regular basis so Mizuko didn’t need to fear being disturbed.

Mizuko made her way to the glass wall deep within the aquarium’s main building. She wanted to observe the creature in its habitat and not from above as she’d been doing.

The tank was quietly illuminated with diffused blue lights built into the walls of the tank. They had been dimmed for the night but there was enough light to see the Architeuthis japonica. Instead of its usual reddish-orange coloring, it glowed a soft gray with purple dapples. It made it seem less like a relentless predator and more like a friendly sea dweller such as a manatee.

It floated deep within the tank like a large torpedo. Its arms and tentacles were tightly wound around each other until Mizuko couldn’t tell where one appendage ended and another began; if she didn’t know better Mizuko would have thought it a seamless, limbless creature.

Mizuko was struck once again by its beauty and grace. Even in its resting state, it was an impressive creature.

As if sensing her presence, the animal began to move about, slowly at first, its limbs blossoming outward as the petals of a flower. It swayed in the water, reaching out to the glass from behind which she watched. It began a sinuous dance, tentacles and arms flowing and moving as it propelled itself through the water, displaying itself to the glass window as a prostitute in the Rosse Buurt area of Amsterdam. As Mizuko watched, entranced by the movement, she became aware of a bright flickering light racing up and down its skin.

Mizuko knew squid were bio-luminescent but she had never seen an Architeuthis japonica make use of it until now. Somehow the creature knew she was there and it was preening for her, seducing her in the manner of a squid.

Realizing this made muscles deep inside Mizuko clench. She could no longer constrain herself. She raced up two flights of emergency stairs until she emerged outside near the opening of the tank. She raced over to the lip of the tank, eager to see her inhuman lover in the flesh.

She hurriedly removed her shoes and stepped up on the edge of the tank. She dangled her feet over the water as she settled down on the ledge.

The moon cast her shadow on the water and before she could blink, there was a tentacle wrapped around her leg. It was bolder under the cover of darkness. Not only was its dactylus and manus entwined about her thigh but its carpus, or wrist, was firmly around her calf. She gasped at how sudden it was on her. Her already inflamed flesh reacted immediately to the cool, slimy touch of the squid. The tentacle pulsed across her skin and the thousands of muscles contracted and relaxed against her like a caress.

The squid moved closer to the edge of the tank so it could watch her reactions with its enormous eyes.

Mizuko shuddered and laid back, opening herself up to the touch of the giant squid. She slipped her simple tee-shirt off and unzipped her skirt, wiggling out of it. There were no other barriers between her and the squid. She spread her legs and whispered, “I am yours.”

The giant squid didn’t speak Japanese but it seemed to know what her actions meant. Its other tentacle slid out of the water and brushed across her bare abdomen, dripping cold salt water on her hot skin. She trembled, but whether from anticipation, cold or nerves, she didn’t know. It was likely a reaction to all three.

The second tentacle latched onto her left breast, its suckers finding her nipple just as fascinating as it had earlier. As the suction cups bit into her skin, tugging and pulling at it, the tentacle on her stomach moved down to her heated thighs, heading sightlessly toward her molten core. Mizuko moaned and writhed, finding the sensations nearly unbearable. She reached out and grabbed the tentacle on her breast, trying to relieve of the pressure building within her. The cold, tacky feeling appendage pulsed underneath her hand before wrapping itself around her wrist and latching on. The squid tugged her arm above her head, effectively binding her hand. She tried to get free but the beast was too strong for her. The more she struggled the harder it held onto her until she realized its chitin were digging into the flesh of her arm, creating tiny rings of fire around the places the suckers were biting at her skin. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, but she knew the strength in those teeth-like growths and the damage they could do to a sperm whale, her tender skin had no chance against them.

Mizuko stopped struggling and allowed the beast to hold her down even though adrenalin coursed through her veins and she struggled not to hyperventilate.

The squid relaxed its tight grip, easing up on her arm but not releasing her. Instead some of its arms moved as if on their own volition up her body, holding her down yet caressing her at the same time, its cold wet limbs slithering across her hot skin, the suction cups tugging at it as if tasting every centimeter they touched. Mizuko felt as if she were being nibbled on by thousands of greedy koi. It made things deep within her tingle and before long the excessive sensations were too much for her. Her inner muscles clenched as she tottered on the brink of orgasm. She cried out, thrashing around on the edge of the tank as she tried to find some relief for the heat in her loins.

The squid reacted to her screams by shoving a tentacle in her mouth. Mizuko gagged on the bitter tasting appendage and the beast retreated for a moment only to snake around underneath her head to wrap itself around her throat, again shoving itself in her mouth. She tried to holler but the coil tightened around her neck cutting off the oxygen to her lungs. She went limp in its grasp and the creature relented enough to let her breathe freely again. The tentacle in her mouth began to slowly work itself in and out as other limbs stroked and teased her flesh. Mizuko found herself relaxing again, enjoying the strange sensation of it flickering in and out of her mouth like a lover’s tongue.

The beast dragged her bare body across the artificially roughened edge of the tank. She moaned in pain as the grit imbedded in the cement scraped skin off her back and buttocks. The giant squid didn’t pay any attention to the sounds she made this time.

Mizuko swallowed her urge to scream. It was no use anyway since it still gripped her throat tightly. She watched the beast though terrified eyes. Its alien nature hadn’t hit her before but, as she watched the creature’s body surge out of the water, it did now. Its torpedo shaped mantle with its eyes larger than her head loomed over her. Mizuko thought it one thing to be brought to orgasm by an array of tentacles and appendages but the full creature was something else entirely. She could no longer pretend that what she was doing was in any way normal.

It drew her closer to its gaping maw, its sharp beak clattering so loudly that Mizuko couldn’t hear anything else. She struggled against the relentless pull of the creature but it was no use. Its arms and tentacles held her fast. The more she struggled the tighter the limbs of the beast gripped her. The chitin dug into her smooth skin creating fiery sparks of pain which coursed over her arms, breasts and legs as the animal brought her burning cunt closer to its mouth.

Her forward motion slowed as her hips hit the lip of the tank and the giant squid wrapped more of its arms around her. It stroked her with its slimy finger-like appendages. Its strong arms tugged open her thighs, spreading her wide, opening her up to its seeking members. One long tentacle reached out and spread her nether lips. She moaned at its intimate touch. It was what she both craved and feared.

It latched onto the bud of her clit with unerring accuracy, the tiny suction cups at the tip of the dactylus sucking and pulling on her in a rhythmic motion that forced Mizuko’s hips off the ledge as she tried to maintain contact with it. She was so wet she could feel her fluids running down her thigh, leaving trails of hot moisture when only coolness had been before.

She closed her eyes and let the sensations course through her body. Mizuko’s eyes fluttered open as something much warmer than the tentacles pushed against her tight opening. Her eyes widened when she saw the giant squid’s purple veined penis extending from its mantle. It was at least ninety centimeters long and thicker than her forearm. It pulsed with a life of its own, like an extra arm only without the suckers. The arrow shaped head of the phallus was already trying to bury itself within her warmth. Mizuko’s hips eagerly surged forward to welcome it.

It broke through the barrier created by her body and slipped into her tight orifice, slowly allowing her to get used to its huge girth. Pleasure and pain converged and Mizuko’s head fell back and her eyes closed as the gigantic member continued to shove its way into her. It filled her unlike anything she’d ever experienced. It rubbed against the walls of her fleshy channel, creating a friction that added more flames to the heat in her loins. She had no control over her hips as they raised up to take in even more of the thick phallus.

The tentacles sucking on her clit and nipples increased their pressure just as its penis hit her cervix. An orgasm of great magnitude rocked Mizuko’s body and she felt as if she was going to burst into a thousand tiny pieces as red and white fireworks exploded behind her eyelids.

The giant squid reacted by pulling out of her and plunging back in with a force great enough to expel the breath from Mizuko’s lungs. It continued to pump itself in and out of her as her inner muscles contracted around it. Mizuko tried to scream but the tendril in her mouth stifled her cries as it slipped in and out of her mouth, mimicking the actions of the creature’s other member.

The giant squid lifted the lower half of the young doctor’s body off the ground so it could reach her easier. Her head fell back, her neck still supported by the arm wrapped around her throat. She whimpered as the beast continued its assault on her, pushing ever deeper into her body until what was pleasure became only pain.

She felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside out by the creature. What had started out as an erotic fantasy became a violent rape and Mizuko was powerless to stop it. It finally became too much for her and she passed out.

Mizuko awoke hours later to find Hitoshi’s solemn face looming over her own. He started when her eyes opened. She opened her mouth to speak but found her mouth and throat were scraped raw and no words could emerge. Once her brain focused on that pain, she became aware of other, deeper injuries. Her skin burned with thousands of bites but more than that, the center of her body radiated pain as if she had been torn asunder.

Memories of what happened to her, what she had brought onto herself, flooded her mind like a tidal wave and her face reddened in embarrassment. She brought dishonor onto herself and the aquarium. She had no right to live.

She painfully curled up in a ball and realized in the process that she was still on the edge of the tank. Someone had kindly thrown a blanket over her naked form, likely so they wouldn’t have to see the evidence of her dishonor.

Hitoshi was talking but Mizuko wasn’t listening. She looked into the tank, hoping to catch some sight of the beast which had first pleasured her and then violated her.

Floating in the tank was the giant squid but it was no longer a danger to Mizuko or anyone else. The creature was dead. Its skin was gray and its arms and tentacles trailed impotently along behind its limp body.

Mizuko shook her head as some of Hitoshi’s words reached her ears, “We believe it was at the end of its life cycle. No one realized how dangerous the Architeuthis japonica would be. We are all sorry you got hurt. We will reinforce the tank and erect barriers before the next one arrives. You are lucky it died before it pulled you into the water. ”

Mizuko stopped listening to her coworker as something shimmering in the light of the rising sun caught her eye. It was a sac of spermatophores from the creature. How had she forgotten that the sacs were expelled by the Architeuthis japonica’s penis when mating? A mature male could keep several of the spermatangia stored within its mantle as it waited to meet the right female.

Mizuko’s eyes widened as the implications raced through her mind. She reached down and cupped her abdomen, wondering if the first stirrings of life were within her.