The light of the Full Moon poured its cold glow upon my fevered body. It’d been weeks, nay months, since I’d felt my lover’s touch upon my skin and that night, as the Moon shared the Alaskan sky with the Midnight Sun, I burned for the touch of my distant love.

Sleep came fitfully, as I was yet unaccustomed to resting when the Sun’s bright corona remained above the horizon and the sky itself only darkened to twilight before reviving for the day.

Sometime between the darkest hour of twilight and the Sun’s full waking I was roused from dreaming by the sensation of someone laying down on the bed beside me. I murmured, thinking of my distant lover. I reached out to his body but my questing hand found only the coolness of an empty bed. I rolled over, threw back the covers and opened my eyes.

The Midnight Sun began her daily trek back up the azure sky and I could clearly see there was no one in bed with me, no one even in the room. I was alone, yet I wasn’t.

I could feel a distinct presence beside me in bed even though I couldn’t see it. The weight of it was real, the sagging bed springs couldn’t lie.

My pulse increased but with excitement more than fear. I had no sense I was in danger or that the spirit was there to harm me. On the contrary, I had a feeling it had something much more pleasant in store for me. This feeling was confirmed as unseen hands brushed a lock of hair out of my face and stroked my cheek. The touch was ephemeral yet tangible. I could feel the warmth of skin on mine. Whatever, whoever, was in my bed meant me no harm, I was certain of it.

I gave in to the magic of the Full Moon and the Midnight Sun and my own base desires. I closed my eyes and sighed, giving the ghostly presence unspoken permission to continue its exploration.

Gentle hands stroked down my body, cupped my breasts, teased my nipples before moving lower. I writhed in passion and moaned as I felt the weight of the man – for it had to be the spirit of a man, did it not? – cover me as my lover was wot to do.

Even though I couldn’t see or touch him, the weight of him on top of me was palpable. Without conscious decision my body moved to accommodate him, my knees bending, legs spreading open in invitation. With an unexpected surge he entered me. It was a surreal experience to have someone I could barely perceive fill me so completely yet being intimately connected to someone without the ability to touch him in return left me feeling curiously empty.

Then he started to move within me and not only could I sense him physically but emotionally. My heart and mind were filled with brilliant sparks of emotions: love, gratitude and peace. All of it was pushed inside me as if this phantom being was thrusting all that he was into me. The power and passion built within me until I wasn’t sure where he ended and I began.

With nothing else to hold onto I clutched at the sheets as my ghostly lover sent me screaming over the edge into orgasm. As aftershocks of my climax continued to rock my body I realized my spirit lover was no longer with me, if he’d ever been with me.

Could my overwrought brain and the magical effects of the Full Moon sharing the sky with the Midnight Sun have driven me to imagine it all? All I had to show for his visit was a damp spot on the sheet, a deep physical ache within me and a yearning for more.