photo credit: V. R. Roadifer

Vandamir is the Magickal name of V. R. Roadifer. I am a Pacific Northwest writer of fantasy, science-fiction and paranormal mysteries. My writing credits currently include: Contributing Writer on the horror movie spoof “The Ghoul from the Tidal Pool,” the short story “Honey” in the zombie erotica anthology “Rigor Amortis,” and the short story “Flight” in the first online  issue of Speech Bubble Magazine.

I have multiple chronic illnesses, some of which I’ve had since childhood. Every year it seems like I get a new diagnosis, something  difficult to treat or something so rarely seen the medical community doesn’t know how to treat it. One doctor had the gall to call me an “aberration” to my face.

So far none of the diseases and disorders will kill me outright (there’s always the risk of death with asthma), though the latest serious diagnosis could cause blindness. Obviously I want to prevent that from happening, though blindness is not a fate worse than death.

I try really hard not to allow any of the disorders define me but I also can’t ignore how chronic illness has shaped both my personality and my life. This blog is called “Creating Shadows” for a reason, much of my life has been spent in shadows of one sort or another, and you will see that in my writing.

I get most of my writing inspiration from dreams, past life memories and my real-life experiences as a Wiccan mystic. Enter my world where the Unseen is sometimes Seen and expand your worldview; you may learn something on the journey.